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2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. I am very new to raspberry pi, but as my love for electronics, programming, and ultimately my need 2 wheel accelerating exhilaration. I’m looking to build my own GPS/GSM tracking device with alarm. But I would like it to have all the bells and whistles, like forward and rear facing action cams along with a micro theft cam to snap a photo when alarm is triggered, location info & photo upon power failure i.e. wire is cut, RFI badge ignition killswitch. Along with performance information like, acceleration gforce, tilt angle, oil & water temp, max/min/average speed, etc etc. So maybe this project is a little advanced for the beginner but hey go big or go home huh? Just wondering if you could point me in the right direction as far as informational websites, videos, etc etc. Or if this project is just out oif line, I’m sure there are systems like this out there but I want to build an d design my own. I pilot a 2009 Repsol CBR 600rr

    • First off, nice bike 🙂

      Certainly a big project for a beginner – I’d argue too big if I’m honest. It’s actually several different projects as they are all dealing with quite different systems. You’d be best placed tackling them each in turn as discrete projects.

      For example, data like the temps etc could be captured from the OBD (on board diagnostics), but things like tilt angle and the like will probably need a separate system as per what I did with my lean angle system and screen. Then the GPS/GSM system is sort of distinct from the bike too, other than power (and needing to be securely connected to the bike).

      Pick one project, get the components you need, then get it all working on your test bench, and then try to integrate it with the bike. Rinse, repeat. (I’d suggest lean sensor first as it’s easy to test away from the bike – I used the MPU6050 chip for that).

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