Unity: MinimalistFlyer

MinimalistFlyer (A working title, but it’s growing on me due to it’s directness :D) is a 2D game project in Unity using C# and procedural techniques. The aim is a tranquil and calm experience in a visually striking environment. Below is a quick test of the general aesthetic of the game. There isn’t anything to do at the moment apart from zipping around in space.

I might find a better name than "Minimalist Flyer" :)

Click to Enlarge

Early tech test (WebPlayer!): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12025954/Builds/2014_04_08/2014_04_08.html

Key Features:

  • Simple yet fun feeling controls
  • Minimalist visual design
  • Procedural planet placement
  • Procedural planet naming

Future Features

  • Procedural narrative
  • Procedural creation of planet styles
  • Ship upgrades/modifications
  • Wide array of mission types (procedural, naturally :))

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