iOS: Spectrum Shock

Spectrum is an iOS game released back in late 2010 by myself as part of BoxFrog Games (my Games Development company) as our first title. It’s an old school shooter with some nice modern twists such as using the accelerometers to control the turret-based gameplay. Pretty retro in terms of difficulty, so not for the faint-hearted. We were very pleased to see it get into the top 25 in China in some categories for a while 🙂

Written in C++ and Objective C with the Torque 2D engine.

Spectrum Shock Gameplay

Spectrum Shock Gameplay

Blast away an onslaught of attackers to become the best shocker in the world! Tilt your device left and right to rotate the turrets and let rip on the enemy! Hit your devastating Spectrum Shock ability to smash everything off the screen!


  • 4 Difficulty modes to test your “shocker” skills
  • Openfeint and Game Center support with achievements, online leader boards and much more!
  • High score based game play gives endless re-playability
  • Stylish graphics that looks great on any device
  • An original soundtrack as well as the ability to control and listen to your own music library while you play

Download here:

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