iOS: Survival Runner

“Survival Runner” (Working Title) is a game being developed by BoxFrog Games using Cocos2D for iOS (Objective C). It’s initial release will be Autumn/Winter 2014.

This game isn’t a run-of-the-mill endless runner. It’s very deliberately paced, survivalist -inspired game. There isn’t any coin collecting or mad jumping involved. You steadily and anxiously progress through the beautifully and thoughtfully designed environments collecting scarce resources (food, weapons, healing items) as you go.


The protaganist. Art by Adam Laurie (

Every shot counts, every enemy is potentially lethal. 3 enemies approach at once, do you use the 3 shotgun shells or play it smart and pop a shot into the large light fixture hanging from the ceiling above them?

Key Features:

  • Endless (Quick play) and finite (Campaign) running modes
  • Stunning stylised visuals utilising 2D skeletal animation
  • Comic book style narrative elements
  • Sophisticated procedural level creation system that dynamically adapts to the player’s current situation
  • Box2D physics
  • Day/Night cycle that impacts the environment around you

The woods are full of potentially life-ending hazards

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