Lua: DPSDisplay (Wildstar)


DPSDisplay is an Addon I wrote for Wildstar as a very hands-on approach to learning Lua. The approach of learning a programming/scripting language by applying it to a very specific, and personally useful, project is one I’d recommend to anyone. You get a chance to explore the language, its features and any relevant APIs in a really non-artificial way. I find it really helps to accelerate the process.

Addon Details

Straight from the Readme:

DPSDisplay is an Addon for Wildstar written with Lua and the Apollo API. Unlike other DPS meters, this shows a more “live” readout of your DPS rather than being based individual units and/or entire fights.

A panel will be displayed on the screen which shows the:

  • Highest Damage
  • Highest Crit
  • Highest Non-Crit
  • Current DPS (last 3 second window)
  • Highest DPS

You can download the full source from GitHub right here.
Or visit the page on Curse here.

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