Lost Wing New Ship

As we near the finishing line for Lost Wing, it’s time to introducing the remaining ship designs. These ships are not only visually different from the default ship, but have quite distinct firing methods – which leads to very different characteristics gameplay-wise.

Here’s the first of the new ships, the Kadilak. It’s still being prototyped, but as you can see below this ship has a lightning-style laser in place of the standard missiles. Slightly less accuracy is required from the player as you can sweep across the play field with it, but simply holding the laser down all the time will rapidly deplete your charge.





Made some progress over the weekend with a full watch face. Features include: Time, date, temp, battery (from your phone), weather and a large panel for displaying the textual results from an HTTP GET request you’ll be able to put in the iOS companion app.

I Love Lamp

I Love Lamp

Also today I got the relay board I needed to finish a super-quick mashup of hardware and software I did for a bit of a laugh.


Pi hooked up to a breadboard via PiCobbler and a then hooked up to a relay board capable of handling mains power.

On the Pi I bashed together some Python for getting data from the Twitter API, whenever the phrase “I love lamp” is detected in either my home feed, direct message or mentions the relay board is triggered into action and my desk lamp turns on

On the breadboard I’ve also got a little momentary micro switch which resets the system (i.e. light off), waiting for any new tweets.

Yes this is pointless.
Yes I love it.
Yes it will be going up on GitHub soon.

I love lamp.

Update: Code here https://github.com/craigfortune/ILoveTwitterLamp (and yes this is still active on my twitter account, @craigfortune if you want to make me jump out of my skin and giggle at the same time…)

Pebble Hipster

Pebble Hipster

Guess what I got! (Additional photo filter just to enforce the hipster-vibe I’ve currently got going.)

Just got this in the post this morning. Already starting to dabble with it, I have the build tool-chain up and running and I’ve deployed a test watch face to it with no issues.

Expect Pebble enabled apps/watch faces from me in the not-so-distant future.