WildStar Addons

I’m not afraid to admit it, I’m a big Wildstar fan – I’m literally bursting at the seams waiting to play it when it launches (to Pre-Order customers) later this week. In fact, I got into it so much during the Closed Beta that I looked into the Addon system that comes with it.

By default, every install of Wildstar comes with everything you need to get started with Addon development:

  • Houston is simple IDE that allows you to design your GUI (form based) and write your scripts.
  • Apollo is the API to Wildstar, written in Lua.

It’s a nice enough system, a little basic but it does the job. The real issue is less with the tools and more with the lack of documentation. As such, most of my learning was scraped off other users posting things on forums, or looking at existing scripts. As useful as these things can be, a formal set of API docs needs to come, and come soon. One saving grace is that *all* the Wildstar stock GUI stuff is written using the exact same tools they offer to you. No private API methods you don’t have access to, no limited permissions etc. You get it all.

Enough ranting, what have I done so far?

First up, was a quick bit of learning of how to get simple interactions and GUI elements working… and… learning Lua from scratch 🙂 I’ve never used Lua before so this was a fun way of learning it. Hack, hack and hack – prod around and see what works and what doesn’t. Approach problems as a way of informing yourself the areas of the language that you need to research.

I like Lua, I think. However, we’re still certainly in the “acquaintance” and not “friend” phase at the moment. I imagine this will change with further usage, but I will never forgive the lack of a zero-based index for assoc arrays, heh.

The Addons

This was my first little Addon. It gathers various items of information about whatever unit you are targeting and then displays it in a GUI.

A simple starting point for learning the Apollo API

A simple starting point for learning the Apollo API

Once that was done I then moved on to something that would be more immediately useful to me on a day-to-day basis. Initially this meant a little DPS (Damage Per Second, for those not of the MMORPG persuasion) meter, as seen below:

Stage 1 of the DPS Meter Addon

Stage 1 of the DPS Meter Addon

This progressed on to a much more sophisticated system:


Stage 2 of the DPS Meter Addon

This second version of the DPS meter shows not only current values for current DPS, damage dealt and critical hit damage dealt but also highest recorded values too.

I’ll tidy this up in the week or two after the launch of Wildstar and release it for people to download/tinker with. For now, you’ll have to enjoy the pictures 🙂


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