Another Game (With Web Player Demo!)

Just over a week ago I had a little play about with Unity’s 2D features that came out with Unity 4.3 a while back. The 2D features are nice if very simplistic in terms of what they actually offer over earlier Unity releases – but at least that means there is not a whole lot of new stuff you have to learn.

As I’m on a bit of a procedural generation kick at the moment, I thought I’d apply that here too. Cue some simple physics based controls, minimalist-yet-striking graphics, and some procedural elements propping it all up and you get the game linked below.

Click the link to play! (Volume up)

I might find a better name than "Minimalist Flyer" :)

I might find a better name than “Minimalist Flyer” 🙂

It’s obviously not finished yet, as there isn’t really much to do other than fly around listening to some mighty chilled out music, but it’s an enjoyable enough experience that I think I may continue with it.

Key Features:

  • Simple yet fun feeling controls (I think so anyway :D)
  • Minimalist visual design
  • Procedural planet placement
  • Procedural planet naming

Future Features?

  • Procedural narrative?
  • Procedural creation of planet styles
  • Ship upgrades/modifications
  • Wide array of mission types (procedural, naturally :))



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