Automatically Generated NavMesh

Also implemented recently was a NavMesh which is generated at runtime. Each individual tile and room that is in the dungeon defines a “walkable area” that I then stitch together at runtime right after I instantiate the dungeon itself. This is pretty quick to generate and is highly performant at runtime.

I’ve ramped the brightness and contrast up to hopefully make this clearer to see:


2 thoughts on “Automatically Generated NavMesh

  1. The Unity standard NavMesh stuff is a baked solution, so it’s obviously not appropriate for procedural content which is generated at runtime.

    In light of this I use a third party solution, specifically Aron Granberg’s Pathfinding pack: The Pro version including an implementation of Recast. I don’t however put all geometry through the Recast generator, instead I have very specific areas I define (typically planes) that define the walkable area – this makes it a lot “cleaner” as per the image above.

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