Changed up the Design a Little

I’m a little worried this blog might be turning into little more than a series of photos of my hairy arms… however here’s an update to my Pebble Watch face.

Changed Design

Having had the Pebble for a week and half (ish) now I’ve realised a few things I was getting quite wrong in terms of the UI design. Primarily, font size and trying to squash too much in. The Pebble can ultimately be considered to be a thin client and it’s UI should reflect this: uncluttered, immediate and concise.

Given this I’ve increased font sizing for the info panel on the watch face, and brought in some white background panels for the time and date to make them “pop” and be easier to read in a greater range of ambient light levels. I’ve also thinned down the border lines too, to make it a bit more “crisp” visually.

I’ve decided to removed the battery % indicator (it was for the phone, not the Pebble) as well. It was quite small anyway and I could only grab battery percentage in 5% increments from iOS. This was weirdly quite jarring to me to be able to see 1% precision on the phone (even though it is likely a bit of a guesstimate) and only 5% precision on the watch. Even though I knew it was “right” as far as it really mattered, it bugged me immensely 🙂

Code behind the weather text now supports a nice (wider) and sensible range of descriptive terms. Funnily enough as I live in the UK it’ll probably say Cloudy most of the time, haha. Whilst doing this I neatened up the iOS code somewhat too, the example code I based it on was a bit thrown together to say the least. Sorry to whoever coded that up initially, I am grateful, honest 🙂

Left to do:

  • Continue to neaten up the iOS companion app
  • Add the ability to put URLs into the iOS app (the results of which are what gets displayed in the lower panel on the Pebble – it’s just outputting some hard coded text at the moment)
  • Sanity checks and memory cleanup etc on both iOS and Pebble code bases

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