Game Update and Iceland Trip

Believe it or not, the silence on this blog isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a rather awesome thing 🙂

Production of the iOS game I’m working on with my company, BoxFrog Games, is coming along *really* well at the moment. We’ve got a ton of new features integrated recently, the most recent of which being a 2D skeletal animation system which gives us both a nice performance boost (as we soak up much less memory for textures) and looks brilliant.

I’m hoping that we’ll soon be at a point where we can start showing some of the game, or artwork at least, in public. I’m excited!

Secondly, I was off on holiday at the end of March in Iceland – a great country and one that is completely unlike anywhere else I’ve been. Everything seems so “normal” and a lot like mainland Europe until you find yourself swimming in thermal pools in the snow, or on a snowmobile in the middle of a glacier. Weird, but cool 🙂

Gratuitous panorama alert.



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