RPi Bandwidth Indicator

So I’ve decided to learn some electronics to use with my RaspberryPi. I’m a complete rookie with electronics, so pretty much everything I do is new and novel. It’s nice – I feel like I’m learning to program all over again! 😀

I’ve done the obligatory newbie project of LEDs on a bread board to learn the basics of working with the pins (and indeed a bread board and resistors!) and the like. I thought it’d be much cooler if it could show me something useful rather than just blinking away, so I turned it into a physical bandwidth indicator.

A teeny bit of Python and my 3 little LEDs (red, yellow and green, naturally) now show me my current connection bandwidth. Sometimes pointless gadgets are just the best aren’t they? 🙂

What’s more, I’ve made the script available to download here: https://github.com/craigfortune/CFBandwidthChecker

Bandwidth LEDs


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