Some iOS Tinkering

Last night (and a little bit of the night before) I was a tad bored and decided to whip up a little utility app for my iPad. In the day job I have to deal with a lot of issues about timetabling and general jumping through hoops like that. A lot of the time I find myself wishing I could load student and staff timetables up on-the-go, without faffing about with navigating websites and the like just to get to them.

So here it is, simply enter in User IDs and up comes the timetable details. Works for both semesters and has a paged setup. Admittedly it needs the functionality to have multiple timetables open rather than solely the current one, but it serves its purpose well for now.

I’ve already had requests from people to have it on their devices too after seeing it. Sometimes the simplest ideas gain the quickest traction 🙂




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