Versys 1000 is here!

Picked up the Versys 1000 today, boom! πŸ™‚ Remember I said it was raining? Well it still is 😦 Ended up just taking a longish route home rather than a full-on ride out. Weather is looking dry for the weekend, so should get to put some miles on it then.

I spent my afternoon putting a luggage rack for a Givi topbox on it and hooking up my heated gloves wiring harness. I also spent an absolute age finding the accessory wire that Kawasaki decided to hide by taping it right behind the instrument panel (why?!). Ultimately I took off one side fairing, the screen and a few additional bolts just to get some leverage to access the tape holding the wires in place. Not cool Kawasaki, not cool. Hey, at least the wires are free to use now πŸ˜€


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