Back from Germany/Austria

So after a little retreat to Munich and Innsbruck for several days over the Xmas/New Year period I’m back in the UK. It’s raining in Manchester, but of course.

I’ve continued on with the weather/clock system and I’m currently coding up alarm clock functionality. Alarms for different days of the week etc are my current focus, I wanted it to be a bit more sophisticated that a single time every day.

To be honest I’m still 100% on backend stuff at the moment. I haven’t given a thought to the visual UI yet except for having a little TFT screen on it for something better than a LED matrix display. Seems ADAFruit have some cool stuff on their website that is listed under their RaspberryPi section, I don’t know whether the screens display the RPi desktop straight-off or whether they require you coding up graphics for them in some other way. Guess I’ll buy and see, either is cool.


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